This is me

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This is me and Lacee and Sara Quesenberry when I was about 13. We were swimming in a trash bag b/c it was so hot and we are poor. :-)


Some people are such assholes.

For example:

I was just at Target and I walked out of the store and there's this teenage girl standing there with a clip board. She starts telling me how she's from Chilis and they're raising money for something.

I said "Oh, no thank you. Sorry" and walk away.

Then she says "I hope you never get cancer!"

So I hear that and part of me just wants to walk away. But I'm like what the fuck?

I turn around in the parking lot and say "What did you just say? Did you say you hope I never get cancer? I think that's really rude and I don't think you should be talking to people like that."

She says "You were rude!"

And I say "I don't have any cash to give you"

She says "You didn't even want to listen to what I had to say!"

So I walk away, get in my car and drive off.

I come home and tell the story to John, who calls Chilis and tells them that their employee is doing this and said this to me. The manager says he thinks it's a scam and he's going to check it out.


Some people are such jerks.